7 Reasons Why WeWork’s Adam Neumann Lost His Golden Parachute

WeWork’s Adam Neumann arguably got what he deserved when he lost his golden parachute. SoftBank pulling out of the $3 billion tender offer for WeWork doesn’t hurt the company as much as it hurts founder Neumann and the ones close to him.

Oyo’s Firing Spree — By-Product Of A Highly Combustible Business Model?

Oyo’s business model is filled with gaping voids just like WeWork, which turned out to be a spectacular bust and an embarrassing setback for Softbank when the market rejected its IPO valuation

What’s stopping SoftBank from investing in Piramal?

A potential investment by SoftBank (Japanese multinational conglomerate) into the financial services arm of the Piramal Group will likely depend on the Indian company’s preparedness to aggressively move into the consumer finance segment,

Greensill issues statement on bonds, Scotland says it’s false

The Scottish government had supposedly approved a guarantee related to a hydropower plant. Gupta’s GFG Alliance owns the Kinlochleven plant and the bonds were secured against this plant.

Ola’s Electric arm achieves Unicorn status

Ola Electric has raised $250 million from Masayoshi Son’s SoftBank, according to regulatory documents. The funding would help Ola compete with rival Uber, which is also backed by SoftBank. It will also help Ola Electric in its expansion plans. The investment is timely for the firm.