Bella Hadid’s Mental Health Post Is A Fire Alarm For One And All

Bella Hadid’s Mental Health Post Is Important And We Should Listen! With stars talking about cars and drugs, let’s listen to Hadid talking about the real struggle that millions go through. Highlights — Bella Hadid shares a strong message on…

How Realtors Can Grow Their Business

Realtors across the United States have a pretty tough job. The market is congested and therefore, the competition is always at its peak. Most real estate agents end up second-guessing their work. No one wants to lose any business. However,…

How To Say ‘Sorry’ On Social Media

The ‘innocent until proven guilty’ is a concept misplaced in the books of Social Media. Online mob has turned into judge and jury themselves giving verdict with one eye closed.

How Bad Is Your Child’s Smartphone Addiction?

Love them or hate them, smartphones have become omnipresent. While they have many positive uses, people remain concerned about the potential negative harms of excessively using them – especially in children and teens.

Why The Millennials vs Gen Z War Is Unhealthy For Planet Earth

The Millennials and the Gen Z aren’t agreeing on anything anymore, politics, pop culture, protests, emojis. And they are not agreeing to disagree about it, it’s a war.

To Shift Spotlight From Navalny Arrest, Putin Baits Zuckerberg

The Russian president, Putin, express concern over US social media giants’ burgeoning effect on contemporary politics.

We Analyzed Why Users And Advertisers Are Booting Facebook Out — Here’s What We Found

Facebook is having a really hard year retaining the trust of its users. Not that the issue is an unforeseen event for the social media giant.

Indian Matchmaking: Regressive, Problematic But Sima Aunty Is Not Far From Truth

From cringe-worthy, regressive, and misogynistic to realistic, true, spot-on, Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking has become the subject of intense debate

Reigniting The Free Speech Debate: In Defence Of The Right To Offend

The danger of limiting people’s right to air their views, in a world where everybody else can, might be a recipe for disaster. The rise of social media has necessitated a new conversation on free speech.

Influencers Stoop To An All-Time Low: Converted Masks Into Bikinis And Panties To Go Viral

Social media influencers and models have sparked fury by turning coronavirus face masks into bikinis as a desperate way to go viral. Let us explore this bizarre trend… People across the world are struggling to find masks to protect themselves…