“Renée Ash” — Transforming Millions of Lives By Using The Influence of Her Own Personal Story

“It baffles me why men often get a pass. Many women, including me, are adored, sought, and told convincing lies, while men only lie. They realise this is wrong and manipulative. Easy!” — Renée Ash — one of the foremost…

Israel Is Militarizing Instagram — With An Oomph Factor!

On Instagram, you’ll find several accounts of female Israeli troopers posting pictures and videos with heavy ammo in sassy clothes.

No More ‘Likes’ on Instagram: What will be the Impact?

Instagram has recently removed the feature of displaying the number of Likes on a post. The update was recently rolled out in the U.S. after testing it in some countries. But what will be the impact of this update? Social…

Social media influencing becomes a thriving career option

If a you have a social presence of any kind where people follow you, you automatically yield the power to influence them. Depending on the number of followers, an influencer can make anything between Rs 1k and 1 lakh or above for a post.

Raj Kundra invests in tech start up armsprime media

Raj Kundra invests in social influencer tech startup Armsprime Media Entrepreneur Raj Kundra invests an undisclosed amount into tech startup Armsprime Media. A new age technology that helps celebrity and influencers build and monetize their own customized apps. The technology…