Bois Locker Room: A New Twist Does Not Negate The Original Criticism

An update on the Bois Locker Room case states that a fake screenshot got mixed in. Does this negate the remaining authentic screenshots or even the misogynistic chats?

Snapchat’s ‘Time Machine’ will turn you from young to old in one swipe

Called Time Machine, the Snapchat filter lets you swipe left to watch your face turn from a child to an adult. Swiping right makes you look old, Cnet reports. Snapchat has rolled out a new filter that can make you…

Snapchat: The New Facebook in US Elections 2020

While it was Facebook that influenced the US Elections in 2016, in 2020 the mantle has been taken up by Snapchat.

Snapchat employees accused of spying user data

Two former workers of Snap Company spoke to Motherboard about the Snapchat employees using internal tools — which offer them privileged access to user data — to spy on people’s pages.

Snapchat gains control stocks on a rise

Snapchat losses stabilised, stocks soar It seems like after two straight quarters of bleeding users, Snapchat’s losses have stabilised. The app might not have added any users last quarter, but it didn’t lose any either. According to a report by…