Fancy Buying A Cheaper iPhone14 From The US… Things You Should Know

In comparison to the rest of the world, the United States has the lowest costs for the iPhone 14. Here’s why it’s best not to buy from the United States right now. On September 16, the iPhone 14 was released…

9 Hidden Android Functions You Didn’t Know About

Android phones are one of the most common smartphones on the market today. Android is an operating system originally developed by Google but has been since taken over by a number of other companies. As of 2017, Samsung is the…

We Are ‘Dumber By 25 Percent’ In The Digital Era, Study Finds

Research shows students who use longhand remember more and have a deeper understanding of the material. Taking Notes on Laptops Reduces Brain Power By 25%, Hinders Learning.

How Bad Is Your Child’s Smartphone Addiction?

Love them or hate them, smartphones have become omnipresent. While they have many positive uses, people remain concerned about the potential negative harms of excessively using them – especially in children and teens.

Rahul Sharma’s Emotional Non Salesy Micromax Pitch Is A Pure Cup Of Awesomeness

Remember when Chinese apps were banned but not the smartphones? The process of redemption has begun.

Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Samsung An Unlikely Beneficiary

Samsung slowly shifted its manufacturing operations to Vietnam from China. In the face of the Coronavirus calamity, the shift becomes one of it’s more prudent ones in recent times.

Apple’s secret software that forces loyalty

Apple has once again made its buyers a subject to forced loyalty, this time they don’t want you to have 3rd party batteries inside

iPhone display may get ProMotion in 2020

iPhone 2020 to get a major update in terms of the display with a refresh rate on par with iPad Pro.

Centralized monitoring or veiled surveillance?

The government is set to launch its centralized monitoring system which will track IMEI numbers of all mobiles, which it says is for finding stolen or lost devices.

‘Mobile Premier League’ strikes into the Southeast Asia market

Mobile eSports platform Mobile Premier League forays into the Southeast Asia market Mobile Premier League (MPL), the fastest growing mobile eSports Platform in India has today announced its foray into the Southeast Asia market with the launch in Indonesia. MPL…