Five Consumer Tech Predictions To Come True in 2020

In the last decade, new technological advancements have impacted our industries, economies, and lifestyles. Now as we are in 2020, we pondered how engineers will build upon those technologies and improve consumer technology for the better.

Want Stronger Long-Lasting Erections: Here’s a Fitbit For Your Penis

Lovely is a smart wearable device for couples that fits around the penis and tracks everything. It measures the duration of your lovemaking session to the g-force of your thrusts to the intensity of intercourse. Wearable devices are becoming more…

Google Nest Hub smart display launched in India

Google India introduced its Nest Hub smart device. With built-in Google Assistant, the device allows one to control their compatible smart appliances and apps using voice on a single dashboard. With Google Nest Hub, smart home users can make voice-controlled search, ask for directions, watch YouTube, get news, and listen to music and more.

Omnifob: You may call this the Shazam of keychains

The Shazam of key chains has arrived, well this may create a bit of overhyping, but this keychain called OmniFob is a universal remote for almost all your smart devices.