How To Keep Your Feet Summer Ready?

It’s almost time to spread your wings and soak in the sunshine! After the freezing cold, it’s time to keep those warm boots back in the storage and grab your flip-flops. But after all those months of daunting cold, are…

Rashmika Mandanna Joins Vegan Skincare Brand Plum As An Investor And Brand Ambassador

National, June 23 2022 Mandanna will play the role of an advocate and in enhancing brand love by spreading goodness across key markets Plum plans to launch campaigns featuring the actor to make deeper inroads into the beauty market in…

Sensitive Skin: How To Avoid Skin Irritation From Sunscreen

Most people understand how important it is to wear sunscreen, but they do not know why. The function of sunscreen is to protect your body from harmful UV radiation. Unfortunately, even on cloudy days, the skin is still susceptible to…

Body Positivity To Ayurveda: India’s Millennial Cosmetic Startups Blend New & Old

It’s not easy to be in the business of beauty. It’s tricky, messy, and experimental. But doesn’t beauty lie in imperfections?

Personalized Beauty Products The Next Big Thing To Look Out For

Customized beauty was one of the main trends in the industry. In the era of emphasis on individual choices, this trend is here to stay.

Understanding Your Undertone Before Buying Makeup

Ever wonder how makeup artists get Hollywood’s hottest celebs to look flawlessly natural even when wearing a full face of makeup? It all comes down to undertones (well, and acquiring skills through practice).

Why Korean skincare is Best Suited to Indian Skin

Korean women are famous across the world for their skin because their skin is radiant, blemish-free and even-toned and that’s nothing short of perfection.

Did you know your veggies could do this to your skin…?

According to experts, the reason why we get such skin issues is all narrowed down to one real problem- YOUR DIET!

7 Serums That Will Make Your Eyebrows Grow Faster

Waiting for your bangs to grow back that was cut off mid-air? Now they don’t know if they’re supposed to sit or stand? You thought that was annoying, honey just wait until you have to wait for your over trimmed brows to grow back! Even ‘forever’ would seem like a short while!

9 Ultimate In-Flight Beauty Saviours

Traveling for a vacation sounds like fun but when your work calls for travel every fortnight – that really does not sound like fun at all. Discomfort and all those stiff seats are another story but all that re-circulated cabin air making your skin dry is a whole different story.