Robert Downey Jr Making His Own Sherlock Holmes Secret Verse, But This Time Without Being In It

With the future of ‘Sherlock Holmes 3’ descending further in the dark every day, Robert Downey Jr. plans a Sherlock Universe for HBO Max – but without Sherlock? The first movie in the ‘Sherlock Holmes franchise, starring Robert Downey Jr.,…

Sherlock Holmes And James Bond In One Frame – All Thanks To Henry Cavill

We always wished for it but never expected to see Sherlock and James Bond working together in one frame. But thanks to Henry Cavill, it might just happen. Henry Cavill is going places these days as one of the most…

Who Is Better Equipped To Be Sherlock Holmes’ Sister, Eurus Or Enola?

With the recent release of ‘Enola Holmes’ on Netflix, fans have started drawing up comparisons between the other Sherlock sister from BBC’s ‘Sherlock.’ Who won the audiences’ hearts? Let’s find out.  Some literary works over the years have enjoyed various…

Dracula And Sherlock: Minute References Hint Towards A Possible Crossover

Much to the fans’ delight, our very loved creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss slipped on a very subtle reference to the most loved detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes, in ‘Dracula’.  Thanks to the episode’s twisted ending, it isn’t…

Enola Or Eurus: Debate Over The Perfect Sister For Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock’ Season 4 introduced us to the manipulative sister, Eurus. The new Netflix movie ‘Enola Holmes’ gave us a more fitting sibling to..

Sherlock Holmes Freed Henry Cavill From Psychopathic Behavior

As it goes, Sherlock Holmes saved Henry Cavill from his ‘law loyalist’ need to pay attention to detail.

Modern Sherlock Almost Made His Way Into True Blood, And We Are Not Kidding

Stephen Moyer had tough competition during the audition for True Blood. Why? Benedict Cumberbatch read for Bill Compton’s role.

Enola Holmes: Henry Cavill Outclasses Millie Bobby Brown

Netflix’s Enola Holmes starring Millie and Henry Cavill is here. Let’s find how the stars pulled it off. Enola Holmes Henry Cavill Millie.

Enola Or Sherlock – Why Holmes Sells

Netflix’s Enola Holmes is a good movie with plenty of room for a sequel in making

Enola Holmes Review: A ​Respite From Regular Sherlock In Fleabag Fashion

Enola Holmes Review: Millie Bobby Brown breaks stereotypes in her production debut with ‘Enola Holmes’  Feisty, formidable, resolute, and far ahead-of-time – a woman that would bring about a change in the world – is the kind that is looked…