Google Employee’s Distasteful Comment On Gargi College Sexual Violence Sparks Social Media Uproar

After horrendous mass sexual assault during the annual festival at Delhi University girls’ college Gargi College, the distasteful comment of a senior Google India employee surfaced on social media.

Another allegation, another denial: Trump’s MeToo list is now at 22

The focus has just shifted to another charge of sexual assault which makes it 22 women who have come out alleging sexual assault by US President Donald Trump.

Max Landis accused of sexually assaulting multiple women

Max Landis is yet again under the lens. And for the wrong reasons yet again. The screenwriter and filmmaker allegedly assaulted multiple…

In India, woman rapes woman. With words.

Patriarchal Aunty judges who should get raped. And it all depends on their length of the dress.   Shocking and disgusting. That’s what this news is. We are sad that we have to report an incident like this. But we…