Top Tips For You To Indulge In A Full-blown Sexting Sesh

A brief guide to different aspects of sexting and tips for those who want to dip their toes into it

Sexting Is The New Sex During Coronavirus Lockdown

There is nothing wrong with Sexting even if its coronavirus scare all over. Just don’t be a di*k about it. Come close but not near! During coronavirus days sexting is the new way of showing affection which comes with no…

From Prince To Prick: Sings You Are Dating A Serial Cheater!

Should have I seen it coming? Or was my partner a pro at cheating that even FBI couldn’t catch him doing the dirty? Was this the truth?

One question to ruin it all – Is your partner sexting?

Sexting is the easiest way to cheat. Our ever-expanding ability to contact anyone in the world, anytime has made being unfaithful partners easy too.