Here Are 5 Outfits That Made Emily In Paris A Fashion Bible

Upon the announcement of Lily Collins’ Emmy Award nomination, we are taking you through 5 of the best looks Emily served us in season 1! Showrunner Darren Star has delivered another success this year with the new Netflix dramedy –…

We Asked For Sex And The City Reboot and We Get Gilmore Girls: A Year In Life 2 As Bonus

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Is the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot heading for a failure?

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Emily In Paris Season 2 Might Bring More Cliches, But We Love It!

Parisian pastries, photogenic destinations, tempting haute couture, the cliche do not seem to end. Take our money and bring them more! You can absolutely not think of New York without being reminded of Darren Star’s groundbreaking American sitcom ‘Sex and…

Fans Will Have To Wait To Say Goodbye As Glow Season 4 Gets Delayed

GLOW takes the final bow of goodbye as Netflix cancels the show. But before the final goodbye GLOW will return for a final Season 4.  Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch’s GLOW came at a time when shows like Orange Is…

Manhattan In The Heart, Madrid In The Mind: Valeria Is Sex And The City 2.0

A writer, four bffs, steamy romance, and a hell lot of conflict. Feels like you’ve been there, done that? Why wouldn’t it? After all, it was all about that and more in the 90s when one of the most groundbreaking…

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