15 Ways To Get Your Man Rock Hard With Sexy Lingerie

Imagine having the proper control on you man and being able to seduce him with just lingerie. There is nothing in the world that exists!

Anal Sex Toys For The Ultimate Backdoor Experience!

Anal sex is no longer a huge taboo in the sex world rather there are plenty of anal sex toys for you to use in anal play,

Why Do Men Find Reverse Cowgirl Sex ‘Fant-Ass-Tic’

We all seem to know the crazy things about the reverse cowgirl position but don’t know the pros and cons? Have you heard nothing but stories?

Wake Your Partner Up With Blow Job

Giving oral sex to your partner is often considered as some kind of gift. Here’s how you can wake your partner up with early morning blowjobs

20 People Shared Their Wildest Group Sex Fantasies

More than 60% of people have fantasized about group sex in one way or the other. Find out what are soe of the wildest group sex fantasies

I Masturbated In A Group Of 20 Women And It Changed My Orgasm Game Forever

What is Group Masturbation? What are the benefits of Group Masturbation? Here I share my story of when I masturbated with 20 women !

Men Love Vagina But Know Nothing About It, Right?

What are the mysterious truths about a vagina? Men don’t know anything about vaginas. It’s true. It’s sad. An epidemic.

What Happens When You Turn Your Sex-ual Fantasy Into Reality

It could be a sexual fantasy involving Princess Leia from Star Wars Episode IV or a hot triple way wish, you’ve all had them, probably more than once. Everybody has probably wished to fulfil them, maybe you want to find…

Myths About Female Ohh-gasm You Need To Debunk

Even if you’re a pro at reaching climax, you still might have some questions about female ohh-gasm. Today we’re debunking 8 of the most common sex myths to set the record straight!

Women Explain How You Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Count your orgasms as blessings and let it rain you. Ladies, here is your ultimate guide to multiple orgasms. Click through to know more.

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