4 Tell-Tale Signs Of Woman’s Orgasm

You are having sex with your woman, she is writhing and grinding amidst the sheets, she claims she ‘came’, and… You notice all or some of the physical evidence of her experience before she hits the ‘big-O’. But, have you…

7 Abnormal Things That Happen To Your Body After Sex Which Are Totally Normal

Imagine you just had sex with your partner or somebody totally random. But what happens next? You’ve figured out the ins and outs of coitus, the power relations and pushing of erotic boundaries. Just like the golden rule in accounting,…

5 Ways To Make The Missionary Position Passionary

Missionary sex can easily be equated to the ‘Jan Brady’ of erotic positions: easily ignored and used as last option. It is often referred to as the unappreciated lesser light of more popular positions such as doggy style, reverse cowgirl,…

15 Ways To Get Your Man Rock Hard With Sexy Lingerie

Imagine having the proper control on you man and being able to seduce him with just lingerie. There is nothing in the world that exists!

Anal Sex Toys For The Ultimate Backdoor Experience!

Anal sex is no longer a huge taboo in the sex world rather there are plenty of anal sex toys for you to use in anal play,

Wake Your Partner Up With Blow Job

Giving oral sex to your partner is often considered as some kind of gift. Here’s how you can wake your partner up with early morning blowjobs

I Masturbated In A Group Of 20 Women And It Changed My Orgasm Game Forever

What is Group Masturbation? What are the benefits of Group Masturbation? Here I share my story of when I masturbated with 20 women !

Men Love Vagina But Know Nothing About It, Right?

What are the mysterious truths about a vagina? Men don’t know anything about vaginas. It’s true. It’s sad. An epidemic.

6 Unknown Facts About Anal Sex That Could Make You Change Your Mind

It’s time to ease your fears and your assh*le as we’ve got some facts about anal sex to blow your mind. The unknown could be scary!

10 Women Share Their Experience With Big Penises

Men love to talk about their penis sizes a little too much. Click through to find out why woen would not have sex with a guy with a big penis

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