Ran Out Of Your Favourite Lube – These Household Products Can Be Used As Dupes

So imagine this … You’re getting hot and heavy with your partner. Things are getting a li’l wild and steamy. And before you know it, you realize neither you nor your partner has any lube stocked up. Besides, when it…

4 Tell-Tale Signs Of Woman’s Orgasm

You are having sex with your woman, she is writhing and grinding amidst the sheets, she claims she ‘came’, and… You notice all or some of the physical evidence of her experience before she hits the ‘big-O’. But, have you…

7 Abnormal Things That Happen To Your Body After Sex Which Are Totally Normal

Imagine you just had sex with your partner or somebody totally random. But what happens next? You’ve figured out the ins and outs of coitus, the power relations and pushing of erotic boundaries. Just like the golden rule in accounting,…

5 Ways To Make The Missionary Position Passionary

Missionary sex can easily be equated to the ‘Jan Brady’ of erotic positions: easily ignored and used as last option. It is often referred to as the unappreciated lesser light of more popular positions such as doggy style, reverse cowgirl,…

9 Advantages of Having Sex With a Stranger

It is the most common sexual fantasy is to have sex with a stranger and why not, it comes with its advantages.

Why Do Men Find Reverse Cowgirl Sex ‘Fant-Ass-Tic’

We all seem to know the crazy things about the reverse cowgirl position but don’t know the pros and cons? Have you heard nothing but stories?

Bizarre Misconceptions Women have about Penis

For most women out there male penises are just like unicorns. No, we don’t mean that both the hairy things are similar in any manner. But both remain a mystery to females. We hardly know how they both behave, lives…

Tips And Tricks To Ace Your First Time Sex

At a certain point, you might start thinking of having sex for the first time. In addition to this, you may be wondering how it feels; how to handle any anxiety that may accompany it, and how to be safe.

I Am An Escort And This Is What I Learned About Male Orgasms

As an escort, a big part of my job is facilitating the male orgasm and little did I know that there were types of it. I help men come.

Ladies! Benefits of Masturbation (How to finger yourself & more…)

Masturbation is one of the best gifts given to humankind and it is literally in your hands and has a lot of benefits. (Literally and metaphorically)

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