Quad Summit 2021: Can The Biden-Modi-Suga-Morrison Alliance Keep Xi In Check?

By holding a meeting with leaders of other Quad Countries (US, Japan, Australia and India), less than two months into office Biden has indicated that his administration will not just take forward but give a strong fillip to the ‘Free and Open Indo-Pacific’ vision.

Top 15 Highest Paid Heads Of States And Richest Monarchs In The World

Some of the government heads on our list of the world’s highest paying are earning a lot more than the per capita GDP of the citizens of their countries. Others surprisingly don’t even make it to the 15 highest-paid heads of state despite being the national leaders of huge economies

Will Australia’s $270 Billion US-Backed Military Modernization Deter China?

Historically, Australia has remained largely aloof from growing regional tensions, choosing to engage Beijing through trade and diplomatic interaction. However, China’s expansionism in the Indo-Pacific has precipitated a defensive posture within Australia’s Liberal government.

Find Out Why Australia Is Gearing Up For October

Singapore, Taiwan, and luck have saved Australia from a community spread so far, but a far-sighted Prime Minister Scott Morrison relying on the dreaded data curve is not making any false promises to his people.

Australian PM Dismisses Greta Thunberg’s Comments Linking Aussie Bushfires With Climate Change

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Monday dismissed calls from Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg to take more action on climate change amid a devastating bushfire crisis in his country.

Julian Assange: Feast of Vultures

Paranoid world powers are ready to scavenge their share of revenge from the global whistle blower HEAD SHOT Anti-secrecy activist Julian Assange was arrested after the Ecuador pulled the plug on his asylum in its London Embassy President Moreno reasoned…

Australian sentor gets hit by an egg after blaming Muslims immigrants for mosque attacks

Australian senator blames Muslim immigrants for Christchurch mosque attacks, gets hit by an egg An Australian senator has stirred up a controversy after he linked the deadly terror attacks at two mosques in New Zealand’s Christchurch city with “immigration program…