IQ Of Species May Be Directly Linked To Baby Mother Weight Ratio

A correlation of the latest studies on the subject of Intelligence Quotient of Species suggests that baby mother weight ratio at birth might be a factor in how IQ varies among different species and why human beings are on top.

Immortality Debate: Can Science Cheat Death?

Death means an end, but one recent research challenges the idea and fuels the possibility of reviving the brain, plunging the scientific community in an ethical conundrum.

The secret to sight: The language of the Universe and eyes

Mathematicians and neuroscientists have created the first-ever model of the human visual cortex that compiles with your brain’s anatomy.

Spending two hours a week in nature may boost health

Who does not like to spend time in nature? But the number of hours you spend in nature may be significant to how it benefits your well-being. A recent study has claimed that spending at least two hours a week…