Spirituality Applications cause more Stress than relief

The Scholars are arguing that Spirituality applications are causing more stress than mindfulness. These applications are addictive in nature, they argue. With technology in the smart-phone industry taking leaps, the scholars are arguing that Spirituality applications that are meant to…

A Relief at the time of Distress in Climate Change

Amid increasing crisis in Climate Change, there is a sight of relief provided by new research to combat adverse climate situations. Researchers have come up with a new system to remove carbon-dioxide efficiently from the air and this can prove…

Scientists confirm size of a Proton @ 0.0000000000000084 Metres

After a decade of serious disagreement in Physics about the size of a Proton, the answer is finally clear. There were different ways used to measure the size of a proton. One using electrons, another using muons. However, both gave…

Stormquakes – A Powerful seismic activity initiated by storms

Researchers have discovered a new phenomenon called Stormquakes – An earthquake-like seismic activity generated by storms. In a new discovery, researchers have found what they have termed ‘stormquakes’ described as a new geophysical phenomenon where a hurricane or any other…

Wormholes to travel space & be back for office yesterday

Two merged black holes could form wormholes, taking you to another point in space-time.

The secret to sight: The language of the Universe and eyes

Mathematicians and neuroscientists have created the first-ever model of the human visual cortex that compiles with your brain’s anatomy.

What existed before the Big Bang: If we manage to find, will God cease to exist?

In the nothingness that we are surrounded by, what existed before the Big Bang? If we knew, will the world cease to be what it is today?

Ghost Particles are everywhere in the Universe

Ghost particles – the subatomic particles also known as the neutrinos can be the key to explain various unknown of our Universe including..

Have you ever heard of Frozen Smoke?

The lightest solid component on earth has shred even more weight. The frozen smoke is surprisingly 95 to 97 percent just air. And is bein

Today is shorter than 24 hours and here’s why

Human beings account each passing day with an equal number- 24 hours. This is not completely correct as 24 hours is only the average time our planet takes in completing one rotation. In reality, many days are either longer or…