Faster-Than-Light Travel: Both Star Wars & Star Trek Are Possible In Einstein’s World, Study Suggests

New study on Warp Drive technology reveals Faster-Than-Light (FTL) Travel possible. Could this mean spacecraft like “Star Wars” and “Star Trek” will be a reality?

Cisco Webex Powers Personal Well-Being, Higher Performing Teams and Inclusive Collaboration

Highlight Starting this summer: Select Webex customers will have access to insights that increase and promote personal well-being, build better quality connections and a more inclusive work experience for all. Private by design, Webex People Insights enables individuals and teams…

Immortality May Be Possible Soon: Is It Worth It To Live Forever

Ageing doesn’t necessarily have to be. Is this super-human idea acceptable and if so, what are the possible consequences of halting the ageing processes?

Australia’s Offbeat Secrets: The Australian Outback

Outback is the colloquial name for the vast, unpopulated and mainly arid areas that comprise Australia’s interior and remote coasts. It is used to describe the emptiness, remoteness, and the huge distances of inland Australia, and also the fact that…

Science Simplified: What is Gravity?

You don’t need a fancy degree in science to know these general facts about gravity which is way more than just a force that..

New Research brings Science on the verge of unraveling Big Bang Theory

Physicists may have finally understood how our Universe was created. They have finally been able to decode the Big Bang theory. The Big Bang Theory describes cosmic inflation and is the most widely supported explanation of how our Universe began. Initially,…

It’s Settled, The Universe is a closed Sphere; End of Debate

A recent research suggests that the shape of the Universe is a closed sphere rather than a flat or an open surface. Scientists have been studying our universe for a long time. There have been several theories and discussions regarding…

Immortality Debate: Can Science Cheat Death?

Death means an end, but one recent research challenges the idea and fuels the possibility of reviving the brain, plunging the scientific community in an ethical conundrum.

NASA-ESA combined Research to reveal Origins of the Universe

The American space agency NASA will be collaborating with the European Space Agency (ESA) to do an Exoplanetic Atmospheric Research. Exoplanets are those planets which orbit around a star beyond our Sun. NASA and ESA are going to work on…

What is gravity and why Newton was wrong about it

You don’t need a fancy degree in science to know these general facts about gravity which is way more than just a force that makes an apple fall from a tree instead of flying away.