DCEU Steals Marvel’s Most Precious Possession Iron Man

Though Robert Downey Jr has left the MCU (despite multiple rumours of a possible return), would he be willing to get back in the super suit of a DC hero after his long run as Iron Man? The departure of…

Brie Larson Started Pay Parity Fight In The Marvel Universe

What is Brie Larson’s salary for ‘Captain Marvel 2’? Know that and more about the wage gaps in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Brie Larson was an Oscar winner way before she became Captain Marvel. But she gained much more recognition…

Can Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow Beat Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman For Fans’ Favour

DC’s Wonder Woman 1984, miserably failed fans, can Marvel Studios’ Black Widow save the day for female-led superhero movies?

Brie Larson Is Being Paid To Destroy Captain Marvel 2

Disney is set to make Brie Larson the highest-paid superhero actress ever with ‘Captain Marvel 2’ – MCU fans wonder how good that is for the movie. Amid MCU fans demanding Marvel to get rid of Brie Larson, and Brie…

Top 17 Hottest Women Celebrities And Their Not-So-Private HOT Tattoos

From ancient subcultures to pop culture, from defining identity to hotness — Tattoos have come a long way adorned by men and women around the world

Scarlett Johansson Wins ‘The PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World’ Award 2020

Scarlett Johansson was adjudicated among the ‘PWI Most Beautiful Woman In The World (Timeless Icons)’ at the People Who Inspire Awards 2020.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020 — Timeless Icons

A League of 6 Extraordinary Women — Each worthy of a Crown. Each inspiring Millions to dream bigger: The PWI League of Timeless Icons.

The PWI Most Beautiful Women In The World Awards 2020

20 women who didn’t conform to stereotypes, and in doing so, inspired millions like them to live a life by their own example — PWI Most Beautiful Women in the World 2020.

Yes, It Was Black Widow In Marvel’s Loki Trailer, But Now It Is Lady Loki

In a surprising reveal, we have noticed Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff, in the trailer of Marvel’s ‘Loki’. Loki Black Widow Marvel.

Disney Gambles With Mulan’s Fate To Make Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow A Success

While Disney’s earnings aren’t great, the streaming platform seems to be the lone bright spot. In these uncertain times, it’ll be interesting to see how the mass media giant uses the streaming platform. And if Mulan’s VOD release covers some losses for Disney, how far is Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow from a similar release.