WandaVision To Bring Back Dead Avengers In MCU Phase 4

WandaVision Is Set To Resurrect Scarlett Johanson’s Black Widow

Wanda’s Transformation To Scarlet Witch Isn’t All Good News For Avengers In MCU Phase 4

WandaVision trailer gave us a good look at Scarlet Witch’s powers and magical mysteries of Marvel Cinematic Universe Marvel Studios dropped the first trailer for its Disney + series WandaVision and ended the dry spell of content. The trailer has…

Scarlet Witch Reportedly Marvel’s Top Choice To Face Brie Larson In Captain Marvel 2

Scarlet Witch and Captain Marvel are currently the two strongest characters in MCU. Who’s the strongest hero in MCU between Captain Marvel…

Young Superheros All Set To Rival Brie Larson For Avengers 5 Lead Role

Kevin Feige has expressed his desire to have a new and young roster of superheroes in the league of Avengers.  Marvel is going to greet the much anticipated phase 4 with the upcoming Black Widow standalone movie. Through phase 4…

Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow, Vision, All Part Of MCU’s Multiverse Future, Kevin Feige Reveals

At the CCXP19, Kevin Feige revealed Marvel’s hidden gem: the Multiverse. Here is a list of all the characters who will come back to MCU