Where To Invest In 2021? Here Are 5 High Potential ‘Make In India’ Sectors

A number of reputed international brands want to shift their base from China to elsewhere. Many are opting for India, and the country should embrace the opportunities and benefits.

2020’s Must-Have Consumer Tech Products

New products hit the tech market each day. It’s very difficult for a tech geek to make the right choices. Save time and money by checking out these must-have items.

Coronavirus Outbreak Makes Samsung An Unlikely Beneficiary

Samsung slowly shifted its manufacturing operations to Vietnam from China. In the face of the Coronavirus calamity, the shift becomes one of it’s more prudent ones in recent times.

Samsung To Feature Impressive 108-megapixel Camera In Upcoming Galaxy S11

Samsung is expected to include three more sensors including ultrawide lens, and a 5x optical zoom lens on the Galaxy S11.

Samsung to end Linux on DeX with Android 10

Samsung has announced that with Android 10 update, its smartphones will not support Linux on DeX beta program. DeX which turns Samsung phone into a PC, will not be supported using the open-source OS as a desktop environment for Linux, Engadget reports.

Make In India Boost: Samsung shuts last smartphone factory in China

The shutdown of Samsung’s last China phone factory comes after it cut production at the plant in the southern city of Huizhou in June. Sony also said it was closing its Beijing smartphone plant and would only make smartphones in Thailand.

HARMAN appoints Vikram Kher as VP, Lifestyle Audio in India

HARMAN, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, focused on connected technologies for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets, today announced the appointment of Vikram Kher as the Vice President for its Lifestyle Audio Division in India.

Forget Note 10, Samsung is gearing up to kill its own flagship

You may be researching the best phone you can get in the market today. The most obvious flagship choice for you is the Note 10, especially for the heavy users. But this is not it; you must wait for Samsung’s…

Infinity by Harman: New Audio Brand hits Indian Market

HARMAN, a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics, launched an all new lifestyle audio brand – Infinity by HARMAN – in the Indian market, as IANS reports.

Is Apple about to launch a foldable phone?

Apple was granted the patent to create an electronic device with a display and cover that is bendable by the US Patent and Trademark Office.