Moto Razr Jan 2020: First Look reveals an Invisible Keypad

Motorola has announced a foldable smartphone version of its earlier popular model Moto Razr. The smartphone will be available for pre order from December 26.

Is Apple about to launch a foldable phone?

Apple was granted the patent to create an electronic device with a display and cover that is bendable by the US Patent and Trademark Office.

Samsung CEO admits Galaxy Fold wasn’t ready

Samsung Galaxy Fold is yet to see the store shelves and the company is finally admitting its mistake on being too pushy about its first foldable smartphone.

Galaxy Fold teardown pulled by iFixit on Samsung’s request

iFixit removes Galaxy Fold teardown on Samsung’s request In just a day of publishing, repair firm iFixit removed its teardown of Samsung’s first foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold, on the company’s request. On its official blog, iFixit explained that the Samsung…