Money Flows If You Land A Job With Either Musk Or Bezos

Both Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are fantastic pay masters. They run the best companies, hire the most talented employees and offer the handsomest salary packages.

Pay Hike 2021: 9 Sure-Shot Tips To Land A 30-Percent Appraisal Or Even More

Getting a good hike is as much about your skill and determination as the tact you put in to form the relationship with the boss, the current or the new one.

Trump donates $100,000 to Homeland Security Department from his salary

Trump donates $100,000 from salary to Homeland Security Dept. US President Donald Trump on Monday announced that he was donating USD 100,000 from his annual presidential salary to the Department of Homeland Security. Trump posted a photo on his Twitter…

Air India delays salaries, two months in a row

Air India delayed salary for second consecutive month Air India, which has failed to get a single bidder for its disinvestment plan, has delayed its employees’ salaries for the third consecutive month. The airline management has also not communicated to…