How Russian Meddling Won Trump The Presidency — They’re At It Again

Alongside celebrity gossip, some prominent US publications feature news articles from Russian media houses. US Intelligence identifies these as sources of “Russian propaganda” targeted at manipulating the Elections.

5 International Implications Of The Armenia-Azerbaijan (Russia-Turkey) Conflict

What seems to be a territorial border dispute over a seemingly insignificant piece of mountainous land has serious international implications.

Putin’s Support For China Against US Coronavirus Charge Is Only Part Of A Bigger Plot

President Vladimir Putin has backed Xi Jinping’s China against the West’s allegation that the virus originated from a lab in Wuhan. But he has also recently sent medical aid to the US. Is he really backing China, or adhering to some other narrative?

The Invisible Coronavirus Outbreak In Putin’s Russia

Vladimir Putin’s Russian Government is able to contain coronavirus better than the rest of the world… or is it?

US To Provide $300 Million Military Aid To Ukraine In 2020

The US national defence policy bill for the fiscal year 2020 has authorised USD 300 million in military aid to Ukraine and also imposed sanctions against a new Russia-Germany pipeline.

Russia registers 24 ceasefire violations in Syria over past 24 hrs

The Russian Defence Ministry said on Saturday the commission monitoring the implementation of the ceasefire along the Turkish-Syrian border has registered 24 truce breaches over the past 24 hours.

Russia plans to build at least 20 Nuclear Power plants in India in 20 years

Russia on Wednesday said that it is planning to set up more than 20 nuclear power units in India in the next 20 years.

PM Modi wants India-Russia collaboration for low-cost military equipment

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said that India and Russia need to take advantage of the low production cost in India to produce military

PM Modi receives warm welcome by Indian diaspora in Russia

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was welcomed by the Indian diaspora in Russia, at the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) in Vladivostok. Indian community expressed utmost excitement over arrival of PM Modi.PM Modi will be addressing the 5th Eastern Economic Forum on September 05 as chief guest.

Spacecraft carrying Russian humanoid robot docks at ISS: NASA

Russian spacecraft carrying humanoid robot successfully docked at International Space station (ISS) on Monday night (local time), confirmed