5 Jobs That Robots Will Monopolize In The Next Decade

From self-driven cars to robotized fulfillment centers, AI-based robots have been changing human lives one step at a time. Here’s a list of whom Robots will replace first, industry-wise.

Soft Robotics: Scientists develop artificial muscles

Researchers have developed an ultrathin, artificial muscle for soft robotics called an actuator, that will bloom, dance, and wave. A perfect example of Robotic.

The ultimate Spybot with speed, stealth, and strength is a cockroach!

Robo-pets are cool and fascinating, but would you like to have a robo-cockroach?

Jeff Bezos announces an AI conference in vegas

 ‘ReMARS’ conference set to come to Las Vegas  to showcase robotics, space and AI For the last couple of years, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has held an annual invite-only event where billionaires, astronauts, and roboticists could rub shoulders and chat about the…