Hyderabad based All India Robotics Association today on the eve of Republic Day, announced the commencement of a project to make India’s indigenously built Defence Robots

The robot will be formally unveiled on 15th August 2022, and will be dedicated to the Country. The All India Robotics Association (AIRA), a Hyderabad-based trade body of the Robotics industry in India today announced the commencement of making India’s indigenously built…

Forget Actors Or Humans Hollywood Casts AI Erica In Feature Film ‘b’

It’s a giant leap for humanity and technology once again. Twenty years ago, who would’ve thought that robots would be cast in a movie like actual robots who work and operate instead of people dressing up as robots with metallic…

5 Jobs That Robots Will Monopolize In The Next Decade

From self-driven cars to robotized fulfillment centers, AI-based robots have been changing human lives one step at a time. Here’s a list of whom Robots will replace first, industry-wise.

Robot introduced in Coimbatore to clean manholes

The City Corporation in Coimbatore used a robot to clean manholes. The effort was made to eliminate manual scavenging. The robot can go deep even up to 20-feet inside the drainage and can even detect any poisonous gas inside the manhole. Earlier, Supreme Court had banned the manual scavenging.

Drain-Cleaning Robot Will Save Indian Sewage Workers’ Lives

Drain-Cleaning Robot Will Save Indian Sewage Workers’ Lives

Robert Downey Jr. wants to clean up the world with advanced tech

Robert Downey Jr. at this year’s Amazon’s Re:Mars conference announced the launch of a new organization that is committed to using advanced technologies for the good of the environment.

Google AI to determine whether a patient will die or not

Google knows everything and now it can even tell you when you’ll die. Google’s medical brain can now decide on when patients will die in the hospital and it is 94% correct. It is based on an artificial intelligence technology…

Chennai brings first eatery having robot waiters

Chennai’s Porur gets its first ‘Robot Restaurant‘ where robots not only serve as waiters but also interact with customers in English and Tamil. The eatery, which is located in Chennai’s Mugalivakkam-Porur, has a team of seven robots designed in blue…