Clear Your Schedules! The Epic Batman And Gotham Crossover Is On The Way

Will Robert Pattinson show up on HBO Max’s ‘The Batman’ spin-off series? Let’s find out! ‘The Batman’ movie, starring Robert Pattinson, is in the works. It is currently in production amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, the film’s release date has…

Tenet Sequel Is Inevitable Due To Christopher Nolan’s Massive Mistake

Did you think Christopher Nolan was done with his Protagonist and the time inversion theory? Nope, ‘cos he totally has a ‘Tenet’ sequel in plans. ‘Tenet’ was undoubtedly one of Christopher Nolan’s best and worst movies at the same time.…

Why Brie Larson Is The Public Enemy No. 1 For Men Everywhere

Despite her much-lauded acting performances and cheery personality, Brie just can’t seem to win the men over. Why is there such a real bubble of hate for Brie in the comics community? One of the most baffling aspects of ‘Captain…

John Cena Might Just Be The Next Batman

With the new Batman movie coming up, discussions have heated up everywhere. John Cena has recently expressed interest in the character. Where would he fall in the new DCEU if he becomes the Dark Knight? Long before he was cast…

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The Devil All The Time Is Netflix’s Unofficial Marvel-DC Crossover

Director Antonio Campos’ The Devil All The Time explores the themes of violence, evil and religion while being the unofficial superhero crossover event of the year Actor Tom Holland is violent in the new Netflix original. The film is an…