Ben Affleck Confirms There’s No Future For His Batman After The Flash

After almost five appearances as the Dark Knight, Ben Affleck thinks now is the time to move on as Batman after his appearance in The Flash. Affleck was bought in as Batman by Zack Snyder, but with now Snyder out…

Ben Affleck Has Secretly Signed Up For Batgirl Movie

While Robert Pattinson is the definitive on-screen Batman for DC movies, for now, there exists that gap with the movies connecting to the DCEU. While it has been said that Flash will be Ben Affleck’s final appearance as Batman, rumours…

Robert Pattinson’s Batman Didn’t Want To Be On Same Earth As Justice League

Earth-one was just not enough for the DCEU so they made Flash break through the Multiverse to set up the new Batman on Earth-Two.

Daniel Radcliffe’s First Look As MCU’s New Wolverine

Wolverine coming to MCU is already a sinusoidal wave of emotions. Then Daniel Radcliffe playing it will be a cherry on the cake. Not planning to stop anytime soon, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a huge appetite. It finds one…

Ben Affleck And Robert Pattinson Are Different Batman But Same Bruce Wayne

As we know, DCEU now has two Batman together in Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson. So where do they stand against each other?

5 Villains (Including Superman) Apt For Robert Pattinson And Ben Affleck’s Batman Crossover Movie

5 iconic Batman villains we would want Ben Affleck and Robert Pattinson to face off in the future of the DC Extended Universe.

Harvey Dent Is Lurking Around In Robert Pattinson’s The Batman

There is no Harvey Dent in Robert Pattinson’s Batman but we can sure hope to see it in future.

Keaton’s Return To Clooney’s Warning — Robert Pattinson Picked The Wrong Time To Play Batman

Pattinson’s real challenge is to find the distinct tone of the Batman which Clooney miserably failed at. Otherwise, it’s we are on course for a recap of the Batman & Robin disaster.

Because the boy sure doesn’t have the Keaton-like husk to whisper I am Batman!

Joker In Batman 2021 Sounds More Like Heath Ledger Than Joaquin Phoenix

Matt Reeves and Robert Pattinson’s The Batman is set to introduce another Joker to the DC entertainment universe. However, given the already divided fan response to its current iterations, chances are DC will mess up the iconic character.

Joker Paved The Path For Robert Pattinson’s Batman

DC Comic has been a childhood staple for many generations but somehow the characters have failed again and again in enchanting viewers in a live-action movie. The success of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker movie, however, helped paved the path for Robert…