‘Mission Mangal’ struck positive chord with audience

For the last four years, Akshay Kumar has been releasing his films on Independence Day and 2019 was no different. ‘Mission Mangal’ hit the big screens on August 15. Akshay Kumar is playing role of Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) scientist.

DKODING Review – Men in Black: International. An unnecessary sequal

MIB International is yet another installment nobody asked for. The jokes were unfunny, the premise was unmemorable

Kylie Jenner’s Walnut Scrub – The Ultimate Disaster

If you thought that the name is enough to burn your
pockets this season, then we’d say – “NOT THIS TIME!”

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DELHI CRIME is soul shaking and heart wrenching story that questions the moral ethos of society Our craving for an engaging web series never seem to settle down. After the monumental success of Netflix’s Sacred Games the benchmark has been…