Types Of Sales Promotions To Win More Customers

Promotions are almost always part of a company’s marketing mix, and for a good reason — they can boost revenue and improve profitability. However, running promotions is more complicated than slashing prices or putting up a sale sign.

The Rise and Rise Of Omnichannel in Retail

Indian retail sector is witnessing a steady rise Omnichannel Retail Business Model and it’ll only grow. Here’s how Since 2017, the Indian retail sector has seen a significant shift towards integration of omnichannel in retail business models. The spike of…

Over 20 US Retail Giants, 20,000 Stores, and 200,000 Jobs have gone extinct since 2017

Over 20,000 stores have shut shop and over 200,000 Americans have lost their jobs. The conventional retail sector faces slow but steady annihilation.

Tata’s plan to dethrone world’s apparel king

Zara’s Indian partner Tata owned- Trent is planning to build its own apparel empire, replicating the Spanish brand’s successful business model.