Liberals Like Howard Stern Fail To Get Their Heads Around Trump Loyalists

Veteran radio host Howard Stern recently claimed that US President Donald Trump’s loyal supporters lack intelligence. Not stopping there, Stern fueled outrage saying that the President himself hates them.

Democrats Still Backing #MeToo Biden Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

Joe Biden’s sexual assault accusation exposes hypocrite liberals; will Democrats have the guts to remove him?

What If — Trump (73) Biden (78) Contract Coronavirus In The Lead-up To US Elections 2020

What If — Trump (73) Biden (78) Contract Conronavirus In The Lead-up To US Elections 2020. How Has Coronavirus Crises Re-shaped and Affected The US Elections 2020?

Come One,Come All,Come For The Donald Trump Show — The Catastrophic Negligence Of A Fool

Slow Deaths at the hands of an imbecile — Trump cannot be changed. While the entire world fights the Coronavirus, Trump is back at it with his foolery.

How Bad Boy Donald Trump Became A Billionaire And Then The World’s Most Powerful

Crazy Gutsy Rich Trump! Donald Trump is the current US president. He is also a lavish billionaire in his own right. Trump believes in exhibiting his assets for the world to see and take notice.

Trump May Look Invincible But Democrats Still Have A Chance

On the verge of losing all credibility, the POTUS survived the impeachment and emerged stronger than ever with soaring approval ratings – but the Democrats still have hope – and ways to ensure Donald Trump can be defeated in the upcoming Presidential Elections 2020.

Is A Prolonged Impeachment Saga Benefitting President Trump?

What ever may be the final outcome of the impeachment saga – Is there a way the outcome may be benefitting for President Donald Trump?

Trump Impeachment Trial Could Begin As Soon As Next Week

When the House voted on December 18 to impeach President Trump, the expectation was that the articles would be sent to the Senate right away.