The Complexities Of Turkey Hedging Between Russia And The West

While observers focus on Turkey’s growing proximity with Russia, they forget that there are a number of geo-political divergences.

US Foreign Policy: What To Expect In Biden’s First Few Months

There have been reams of commentary, on the possible impact of a Biden Presidency on US policies – both domestic and foreign.

5 Countries With The Best Coronavirus Responses Globally (& 5 With The Worst)

Political leadership is under increasing pressure to control the spread of the deadly virus and limit the panic amongst people.

Erdoğan’s Ottoman Ambitions Make Nagorno-Karabakh A Ticking Time Bomb With Global Reach

The Azerbaijan-Armenia conflict is hardly new, the degree of the current escalation certainly is. Turkey’s active involvement in the conflict — in consonance with its aggressive foreign policy — is fueling the fire, making the expansion of the conflict beyond Nagorno-Karabakh more and more likely.

5 International Implications Of The Armenia-Azerbaijan (Russia-Turkey) Conflict

What seems to be a territorial border dispute over a seemingly insignificant piece of mountainous land has serious international implications.

John Bolton’s White House Memoir: The Book Trump Fears, Or Should

John Bolton, Donald Trump’s longest-serving National Security Advisor until fired in September 2019, paints a very unflattering picture of the President in his memoir describing him as “erratic,” “impulsive” and “stunningly uninformed”.

Now, Twitter Goes After China — At America’s Behest

The news is worrying because A: the basis for removal of Twitter accounts of certain countries (especially China) sets a dangerous precedent, and B: mainstream media is averse to investigate the hidden agenda behind the vicious move.

As Populism Takes Charge, The Concept Of Globalization Faces An Identity Crisis

The pandemic triggered by coronavirus is a transformative global event, requiring fresh thinking. After decades of globalization, the political system in the US has become obsolete; regular spasms of resurgent nationalism are a sign of its irreversible decline.

Five Governments Promoting Vested Interests Under The Cloak Of Covid-19

Five states, including India, may be using the Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown to tighten their stranglehold and perpetuate their agendas.