Minor girl raped inside bus, 2 arrested in MP’s Rajgarh

A minor girl was allegedly raped inside a bus at Biaora bus stand in Madhya Pradesh’s Rajgarh, police said. “A man filed a complaint that his minor girl went missing. She was going to Indore. A case was registered later and an investigation was initiated. Later, she was seen at Biaora bus stand.

Your Fourth Rape Headline For Today

If you are tired of reading the gruesome headlines of rapes four times a day, no, you are not alone. The crimes against women do not occur on a random night or over months. Every single rape is fueled by centuries of patriarchy gone wrong. But the deeper one looks, the more one realizes that there is no solution unless the people in power REALLY take up the cause.

SHOCKING!!! Contestant on Spanish Bigg Boss Raped During Sleep And Then Forced To Watch Her Own ‘Rape’ Video

On Super i.e. the Spain version of Big Brother aka Bigg Boss, a female contestant was raped by a peer before the show’s producers decided to forcibly make her see the video.

Man arrested for raping a minor girl in Rajasthan’s Alwar

A man was arrested for raping a 13-year-old minor girl in Rajasthan’s Alwar on Thursday.

Humanity raped and murdered along with a 3-year-old

India has again been shamed. There have probably been no lessons learned since the last time the whole country was brought to shame. It was a 3-year…