8 Ransomware Prevention Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Shridar Subramanian, CMO at Arcserve While cybercriminals promised to stop ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations during the pandemic, it never really happened. According to the Ponemon Institute report, healthcare continued to incur the highest average breach costs at $7.13 million in 2020…

Biden Is Willing To Meet Halfway. Will Putin Reciprocate?

The US President, Joe Biden has been vocal about his aversion toward Kremlin but it’s starting to downgrade the relations with other US allies. Could a Biden-Putin Summit resolve the differences?

Bitcoin Laundering: Black Money Hoarders Of The World Hit The Jackpot

The amount of Bitcoin spent on illicit purposes has reached a new high with Bitcoin emerging as an ideal replacement for Fiat currency vis-a-vis Money Laundering and Black Money Hoarding activities.