Top 3 Metaverse Stocks To Buy in 2021

You snooze, you lose. Don’t miss out on the $30 trillion metaverse economy of the future. Invest in these metaverse stocks today. Metaverse has taken the world by storm, so much that even Bitcoin is watching with envy from distance.…

Qualcomm: Propelling India onto the 5G Bandwagon

India is set for the next big transformation with 5G, and Qualcomm is heading the effort helping players across the ecosystem to be ready for the ride.

Thanks to Apple, Qualcomm CEO pockets $3.5 million

Chip-maker sweetens legal victory for top brass with millions in bonuses.

Apple rival paves way for a ban on some iPhones in Germany

Apple ordered to pull some iPhones from German stores after court case loss The court in the German city of Munich had ruled in favor of Qualcomm last month but said an injunction banning sales of affected iPhones could only…

‘X’piry for ‘Apple’ in India not too far away?

Many mishits later, Apple is reportedly planning to assemble its top-end models in India. But unless it starts competing on price, it cannot hope to take on well entrenched market leaders and could be out of the market soon. Steve Jobs…