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16-year-old commits suicide on being denied to play PUBG

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Cause of death: PUBG

Uncontrolled PUBG has spread like a disease among youngsters; one that cannot be cured. It has spread to the extent that not only is it leading to bad discipline, education and behavior, but also it is taking lives now

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Madras HC ban TikTok by saying its “Encouraging Pornography”

Madras HC directs Centre to ban TikTok app The Madras High Court on Wednesday passed an order directing the Centre to ban the downloading of the mobile application TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese app which allows users to create short…

Student commits suicide in Hyderabad after being scolded for playing PUBG

Hyderabad: Class X student commits suicide after being scolded for playing PUBG A 10th standard student here allegedly committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence after his parents scolded him for playing online game ‘PUBG‘, said police. The deceased…