What’s the reason behind Hicks silence when asked about Trump

Hope Hicks was once a close aide to the US President. She probably knew a lot. But she chose to keep it all to herself…..

US Presidential Elections 2020 – The Front Runners and the Gameplan

The race to become the next President of the United States is on. Who are the major contenders and who are the outsiders – know the nominees.

Donald Trump trolled for quoting Prince Charles as ‘Prince of Whales’

Donald Trump is in news yet again. Just like most of the times, the reason is not political. It is his spelling mistakes that…

War of tweets- Trump v Bette Midler

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Trump’s UK State Visit: Live Reportage

Two years after UK Prime Minister Theresa May extended the invitation, US President Donald Trump is in UK for his first state visit.

Re-elected Modi plans to woo China and US

PM Modi will host Chinese leader Xi Jinping for an informal summit later this year. | Modi will also push for first bilateral talks with US President in over two years.

Donald Trump Jr’s yet-to-be-titled-book gets Twitter talking

After his father, mother and sister, Donald Trump Jr. has landed a book deal. Centre Street made an announcement on Wednesday that they are going to publish a book with the US President’s eldest son. The book is yet to…

Who’ll Triumph after Trump?

17 Democrats | 2 Republicans | Who will the United States choose to reside in the White House in 2020. Most come from political arenas, though there are some outliers with backgrounds in business and self-help writing. 19 people have…

Israeli military attacks Gaza in response to rocket attack

Israeli military attacks Gaza in response to rocket attack The Israeli military on Monday confirmed that it has begun striking Hamas targets throughout Gaza. Al Jazeera quoted Gaza’s Ministry of Information stating that the raids have targeted the northern part…