Hard to work on psychological thriller during pregnancy: Kalki Koechlin

Kalki Koechlin is ready with another series ‘Bhram’. The psychological thriller will premiere on October 24th. The actor was in her first trimester of her pregnancy when she signed for the series.

Here’s how smoking during pregnancy can affect daughter’s fertility!

In a recent study, it has been found that girls born to the mothers who smoke during pregnancy will exhibit signs of increased testosterone exposure, which may affect their hormone and reproductive function in future.

Exercising in pregnancy restores key tissues, betters health

Exercising does carry a number of benefits and a new study in this regard has found that working out immediately, prior to and during pregnancy restores key tissues, thus, making them better in managing blood sugar levels and decreasing risk of long term health problems.

It’s a boy! Amy Jackson announces at gender revealing party

Bollywood and Southern beauty Amy Jackson is living the best phase of her life in the final trimester of

UK lady gave birth without going through pregnancy

The UK lady who had no idea that she was pregnant had given birth to a baby Charlotte Dubard, from London, had no clue that she was due to have a baby although suddenly craving sugar and gaining around 11Ibs in…

Nicotine addiction while pregnant alters genes: Study

Washington D.C. [USA], Feb 7 (DKODING): The Akay Lab biomedical research team at the University of Houston has reported in the journal Nature Scientific Reports that a possible cure for addiction may be found by following the pathways of significantly…

Must read for all women who cannot conceive naturally

DKODING: A new research now finds that women who have undergone infertility treatment, such as in vitro-fertilization, are more likely to experience severe pregnancy complications. The research was published in the magazine CMAJ (Canadian Medical Association Journal). The pregnancy complications…