Kanye Announces He’s Running For POTUS 2020, Gets Cheeky Response From Elon Musk

Rapper Kanye West took to his Twitter account late on the night of July 4 to announce that’s he’s running for the post of US President. The elections for the same are due in just four months, i.e., November 2020.…

Designated Survivor Could Not Survive Coronavirus: Season 4 Wiped Out

When the American politics is heating up ahead of the 2020 General Elections, the American political thriller Designated Survivor Season 4 is facing another blow due to Trump’s nation-wide shutdown. ABC and Netflix’s political drama Designated Survivor Season 4 has…

Trump Is More Powerful Than Ever Before — Here’s Why?

What democrats saw as their opportunity to be done with Trump once and forever, blew up in their faces as the President’s showmanship that came to the fore in the State of the Union address.

In Numbers: What Trump and the US stand to gain from Modi’s Friendship?

The Houston event with Indian PM Modi and POTUS Trump displaying their amiability is definitely going to play a significant role in building a road for future relationships that both nations plan to achieve, but its the US that stands to gain more.