Boeing, Porsche join forces to build electric ‘flying car’

The partnership between Boeing, Porsche, and Aurora Flight Sciences, a subsidiary of Boeing, a concept for a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing vehicle will be developed, Porsche said in an statement.

Lego’s gift to Porsche fanboys

The stunning 1580 pieces Porsche 911 RSR display model is not just a toy, it’s a radiance made from Lego.

Electrifying vintage car enthusiasts: Here’s a Tesla-powered Porsche 912

Vintage restoration has been taken to a whole a new level with this Tesla –powered Porsche 912.

Ship transporting cars worth millions of pounds catches fire and sinks

2,000 cars worth millions of pounds sank in the Atlantic Ocean after the fire broke out on the ship A ship carrying 2,000 cars and tonnes of chemicals sank in the Atlantic ocean which caused a loss of millions of pounds to…