New Biopic Wants To Tell Us That Michael Jackson Was Innocent

It’s a musical about a music legend. It’s a satire on his life. It’s a fun take on the different phases in the life of the King of Pop and his flaws.  An unauthorized Michael Jackson musical biopic titled For…

Justin Bieber’s recent post for wife Hailey is taking the Internet by storm

It seems that pop-icon Justin Bieber cannot stop gushing over his wife Haily Baldwin and his recent post is a proof of the same. Early Tuesday morning, the 25-year-old husband gave his wife a sweet shout-out on social media. The pop star shared a new sizzling picture of his wife from their wedding rehearsal dinner at the Moreland Landing.

Tool vs Taylor Swift: Who topples whom on the Billboard Chart?

Tool is 1990’s American rock band, Taylor Swift is the 21st century’s internet darling – but who’s a better performer on the billboard 200 chart? Tool vs Taylor Swift and the Billboard: Tool is 1990’s American rock band from Los Angeles. The band consists of drummer Danny…

Happy Birthday Michael Jackson: Life and Death of the ‘King of Pop’

Michael Jackson in his career reached unprecedented heights of success through his musical talent. MJ garnered a massive fan base,

Shawn Mendes teases fans with his new collaboration with Camila Cabello

Shawn Mendes recently shared a video clip of himself and Camila Cabello singing together. It appears to be a music video