India’s Covid Chaos Too Much To Digest? Wait For Climate Change

It’s impossible for a human mind to remain worried about a distant problem for far too long, no matter how colossal it may seem.

Desertification: Are We Ignoring The Greatest Environmental Challenge Of Our Time?

Land Degradation and Desertification has been dubbed as “the greatest environmental challenge of our time”, turning vast stretches of land into arid deserts impacting wildlife, vegetation and leading to water crisis much so as shown in Nolan’s Interstellar.

How Does Delhi’s Dangerous Air Crisis Affect The World?

Air pollution (Delhi’s Dangerous Air Crisis) in India’s capital has been the subject of intense public debate and has received international attention. With the onset of Winter’s, the month of October and November are the most dreaded season in the…

Parental Exposure to air pollution can have consequences for an offspring

Parent’s exposure to dirty air before conceiving could have a negative impact on the heart health of the offspring later in life.

Thor joins Aquaman to fight a common enemy: Plastic

Thor saved the world by helping defeat Thanos. But now, the actor is getting more and more concerned about Aquaman’s world…

Pollution reduced by 25% in Delhi, claims CM Kejriwal

Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that there has been 25% reduction in Delhi’s pollution. ‘According the data of Delhi Pollution Control Broad and Central Pollution Control Board, from 2012 to 2014 the Particulate Matter (PM) 2.5 was 154 and in between 2016 to 2018 PM 2.5 has reduced to 115.

We are the solution to the pollution: Babul Supriyo on World Environment Day

As the nation celebrates World Environment Day today, the Minister of State for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Babul Supriyo came out and said, “We are the solution to the pollution. We cannot change the extreme conditions only by celebrating…

Gurugram: Millennium city in self-destruct mode

As India’s millennium city, Gurugram has scripted an inspiring success story of economic development. But alarming pollution levels are changing this dream to a living nightmare. HEAD SHOT Gurugram has been declared the most polluted city in the world in…

Anti-Pollution Mask in India – Launch by Xiaomi

Xiaomi launches Mi AirPOP PM2.5 anti-pollution mask in India Xiaomi is not just a Chinese brand that launches smartphones in India. The company has launched several other products in the country previously like an air purifier, a travel bag, and even an…