Facebook won’t ban political ads, will allow users to control them

Unlike Twitter, Facebook will not ban political ads but users will be able to see fewer political and social issue ads with new controls. According to the official blog, the new Ad Library now allows people to view audience size to understand how many people the advertiser wanted to target.

Twitter is banning all political ads on platform

Twitter has announced that it will ban all political ads on its platform globally. In a series of official tweets, CEO Jack Dorsey wrote that political reach should be earned not bought, stressing on how purchasing the reach can be used to influence votes, affecting the lives of millions.

TikTok will not allow any paid political ads

Social media video app, TikTok is aiming to become the first platform to be political ad-free. As Mashable reports, Blake Chandlee, Vice President of Global Business Solutions, said that TikTok will not allow political ads of any kind on the platform, including paid political ads, advocacy ads, or issue ads.