Trump Or Biden, Skewed Balance Against Black America Worsens

Trump is neither the only nor the worst that African-Americans are up against in the US. He is just one of the heftier cards in a deck heavily loaded against the people of color.

Why Andy Samberg Is Rethinking Jake Peralta’s Jokes In Brooklyn Nine-Nine

A fun, amiable, and wacky sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine revolves around the ninety-ninth precinct of the NYPD (New York City Police Department). In the same part of the city, there have been at least seven recorded deaths of black people in the hands of real cops, since 2004.

President Trump, Antifa, And Why America Needs To Read Between The Lines

Antifa isn’t the problem the U.S. administration should be looking to address following the outbreak of violent protests. By vilifying protestors and refusing to confront and resolve deep-rooted racial inequality in the country, President Trump has clearly demonstrated just who the real threat is.