COVID-19: Now Gripping Dinosaurs, Pokemons and Magical Creatures

In a recent addition to the measures taken to tackle COVID-19, the UK Police has put a lockdown on playing Pokemon GO outdoors. And as a result, Pokemon Go is now a ‘play from home’ game.

After Luke Benward, Ariel Winter Head Over Heels For Her New Secret Crush

After Luke Benward, Modern Family star Ariel Winter is crazy about her secret crush. Find out who has the key to Ariel Winter’s heart…

“Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” all set to unveil

The rollout of “Harry Potter: Wizards Unite” will begin in the United States and the United Kingdom,

Pokemon Go Earns Revenue of $795 Million in 2018

Pokemon Go Revenue Hits $795 Million in 2018, 35 Percent More Than 2017 Niantic launched Pokemon Go back in 2016 leading to a huge buzz among fans and mobile gamers. While the craze seems to have settled down, the earnings…