Combination of wood fibre, spider silk could be possible substitute for plastic

Researchers at the Aalto University and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland have succeeded in discovering a strong and extensible possible substitute for plastic.

PM Modi advocates global “good-bye” to single-use plastic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that the time has come for the world to say ‘good-bye’ to single-use plastic.

Divers find plastic at the bottom of the world’s deepest Mariana Trench

Plastic has been found at the bottom of the deepest part of the ocean On the lowest depth ever recorded , a Texas found something he could have found in the gutter of nearly any street in the world- plastic.…

Plastic surgery: self hate or self obsession?

It’s everywhere. The frenzy of plastic surgery has swept the floor in the last ten years like never before. The want to fix your nose a bit, buy new pair of boobs, uplifting that chin slightly high, and to pucker…