Earth is dead in 200 years prophecised Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking believed that the Earth would cease to exist within the next 200 years. For our sake, we can only hope it’s not guaranteed but

Scientists confirm size of a Proton @ 0.0000000000000084 Metres

After a decade of serious disagreement in Physics about the size of a Proton, the answer is finally clear. There were different ways used to measure the size of a proton. One using electrons, another using muons. However, both gave…

Wormholes to travel space & be back for office yesterday

Two merged black holes could form wormholes, taking you to another point in space-time.

Ghost Particles are everywhere in the Universe

Ghost particles – the subatomic particles also known as the neutrinos can be the key to explain various unknown of our Universe including..

Testing the theory of relativity through the hoofs of a Blackhole

Einstein’s theory of gravity has passed yet another test but this time scientists are even more convinced that they are closer to..