Tips and Tricks For When Your Man’s Manhood Is Massive

Whoever said “bigger the better” was either under the influence of narcotics or possessed of a cavernous, echoing vajayjay. It’s time to stop beating around the bush. If your man is blessed/cursed with a prodigious donkey dong, it doesn’t mean…

7 Handjob Tips And Tricks. The Result — Insanely Hot Sex

A Handy Guide For The Best Handjobs There was once a time when almost everyone was involved in some ‘hands-on-penis’ action, either in the movie theatres or under the bleachers. But, just because handjobs were common ages ago, doesn’t mean…

There Is A Good Chance Piercings Can Improve Your Sex Life

Body Piercing is done for a variety of reasons like art, decoration, enhancement, change, and sometimes to have an improved sex life as well.

British Man dru*ged his pen*s; suffers painful two-week erection

A British man has been hospitalised with a two-week erection as doctors face a “race against time” to save his penis

The Perfect Tool: A Lady’s Opinion

Especially when it comes to what a lady wants and desires for and it goes without a saying that it involves their hidden p-secret.

How To Tell If A Guy Has A Bone-uurr!

That ‘standing’ ovation means that he really likes you girl!

Why it is impossible to measure male genitalia?

If you are a man and have a junior, you obviously have spent a substantial amount of time measuring it. And if you haven’t then you are LYING. Men, women, scientists, gender non- conformists and even mobile apps are obsessed…