Before Joe Biden Became President, He Was On Parks And Recreation

Did you know that the current US President-elect, Joe Biden, has a connection to the popular sitcom series ‘Parks and Recreation’? On NBC’s famous sitcom, ‘Parks and Recreations’, the main character Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler) had a giant crush on…

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The Parks and Recreation Cast Get-Together Sparks Immediate Rumours About A Season 8

The Parks and Recreation reunion that aired during the pandemic has raised fans’ hopes that a season 8 might happen Every now and then, there are certain shows that unforgettably define a genre. Parks and Recreation aired its final season…

Parks And Recreation Coming Back After A Five-Year Break

Get ready for your stomachs to hurt again! Parks and Recreation may be coming back with season 8 after a five-year break. Blessed with a stellar ensemble, Parks and Recreation is one of America’s greatest political satires. Created by Greg…

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