Post Pandemic: Cloud Adoption Needs to Be Accelerated

Authored by Nilesh Gupta, Head of CloudFirst & Edge Services, 3i Infotech We had a lot to learn around us in the last two years. We became even more close to our family and friends, celebrated new heroes outside our…

The ‘Pandemic Curse Of The 20s’ Theory Is A Hoax

There’s a conspiracy theory doing rounds of the internet – that the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is part of a 400-year-old pattern of centennial devastation. But that’s only looking from one eye.

Clock Says — Propaganda and Fake News Brings Humans Closer to Doomsday

Apart from nuclearization, climate change, and disease, fake news and propaganda now factors into what will bring on humanity’s annihilation on Earth, say the timekeepers of the Doomsday Clock.